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Environmental Entrepreneurs

Who We Are

We are a unit of Speedemissions, a prominent public company that has been working to protect the environment from toxic automotive pollutants for decades and is now in Partnership with The Front Yard program at Pace University to Make Climate Change Your Agenda.

How To Qualify

Pace University students and faculty members with novel tech solutions and ideas designed to guard the planet, can submit their concepts, Innovative ideas, or solutions through and are due by the end of Business day on March 1, 2024.

Who You Are

You are a Pace University student and faculty who has developed innovative ideas or solutions designed to guard the planet against climate disasters. Help us to restore the well-being of our precious earth, and possibly qualify for The prestigious Project Planet Young Entrepreneur grant.

Do you have an innovative solution that can make a positive impact on the environment? Fill out our contact form, and you'll be entered into the competition.

At Speedemissions, we’re taking our initiatives to new heights.

How To Enter

The Grant is composed of: 

The awarded individual or group winners from Pace University of Project Planet Young Entrepreneur (a maximum of two winners) will receive a Cash Grant of $15,000, plus In-kind professional services of mentoring, public relations, and network connections.

The winning entries will retain all product, concept or idea rights. 

*Winner of the Project Planet Young Entrepreneur will receive a cash grant of 15,000.00.